Track your training with the built ind GPS. this allows your to track the exact route and get are more detailed view on ur workouts. Multiple sport modes to choose from.
Nordic Active S10+ comes with a precise wrist based heart rate tracking. This allows you to perfom even better when working out together with keeping track.
Nordic Active 10+ is IP68-certified - both dust and water proof. It is possbile to use the watch in almost any condition. Dont be afraid to test the limits.
"Hi siri" - Stay connected with support from Siri. Built-in speaker to make and receive calls, SMS, Time Sync, Call History, Music Player. Compatible with Strava and HitFit Pro
A built in battery with 450 mAh, makes it possible to use your watch all the time. It is designed to wear 24/7 and so is the battery. The watch has a lifetime of up to 120 hours.
The design of the watch is made for the users. This means that the watch comes with intuitive design among other features, it has a rotary knob for easier operation. 1.3" display.

nordic active s10+

Nordic Active S10+, is a GPS sports watch which comes with a lot of awesome features. Scroll down below and read more about Nordic Active S10+

Built in GPS

Heart rate
With the Nordic Active 10+ you are able to track your activity. With the built in Heart Rate monitor. With a more detailed tracking you are able to get better results and push your limits even further.
dust and water proof
Nordic Active S10+ is water and dust proof with the official IP 68 certificate which is almost the highest rating any device can get. This means that you never have to worry about the conditions you are using the watch in. 
Stay connected
Nordic Active S10+ is compatible with multiple applications, which makes your activities even more exciting.
With Strava you are able to track your activities, join challenges, share photos, all this is possible with the Nordic Active S10+ when using the Strava application.
HitFit Pro
Multiple sport modes
With several sport modes you have the opportunity to achieve a more accurate measurement of your workout. With Nordic Active S10+ you have the opportunity to use different sport modes:
Running, Cycling, Swimming and more.
never run out of energy
It is important for us, as a manufacturer to deliver a product that lives up to every expectation. One of the most important things for a activity watch is the battery life, thats why we upgraded the battery. Nordic Active S10+ is designed to last for up to 120 hours and 48 hours when connected with bluetooth.
extra Features
Nordic Active S10+ comes with alot of features,
here are some of the extra details about the watch.
For example, the watch has a built-in speaker and microphone that allow a wide range of functions. Nordic Active S10+ supports 12 different languages including: English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish



Siri compatible


Supports 12 languages

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