Floor mat
With the perfect chair, comes the perfect floor mat. The floor mat is designed together with the chairs, this means that the design is made to fit perfectly for the Nordic Gaming chairs.
A gaming chair is important for your over-all perfomance. But it can be rough on your floor. Thats why we developed this floor mat. To protect your floor. Besides the protection, it will feel more smooth when you are using your chair.
Testet by professionals
All over the world.
Gaming oriented
We know our customers
Spoiler: they are all gamers
Perfomance above all
Stop changing your hardware
Start upgrading your gamingstation
120 x 100 cm
Protects Carpets, Tiles and wooden floors
Multiple colours available


Most gamers use alot of hours gaming, more than they might know. So make sure you are not destroying your floor without even noticing. Use a floor mat.
Matches your gaming chair
4 colours available
Ultimate protection
Nordic Gaming floor mat, is made for durability. This is not a regular floor mat, this is made for gamers. This means that all the materials used to produce this mat is high quality.
Increase your perfomance
It is not just the hardware on your computer which determines how your over-all performance is. It is the whole setup, dont forget to upgrade your gaming station.
Value for money
We ensure our customers the best gaming chairs on the market, but the quality of the chairs is not the only thing important. The price needs to be fair.
All sizes
We produce chairs in all sizes, this means that whether you are a kid or a grown man, we got you covered.
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