This chair is designed for kids 6-12 years. Carries up to 100kg, Fixed armrests and available in multiple colours: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Orange
Not just another gaming chair. With our nordic brand, we decided to focus on the everyday gamer, alot of kids are gaming and this segment is growing. Thats why “Little Warrior” was born.
Testet by professionals
All over the world.
Gaming oriented
We know our customers
Spoiler: they are all gamers
Perfomance above all
Stop changing your hardware
Start upgrading your gamingstation
Height – 92-102 cm
Class 4 gas lift
multiple colours available

your back

Our exclusive solid padding, enables you to game as much as u want, without any struggle. A real gamer, never take breaks. It is especially important as a kid to protect your back, you need it the rest of your life.
fixed armrest
adjustable height and seat
Recommended 6-12 years
Specifically designed for kids
amazing Perfomance
Premium gaming chair, with a great design to meet all the requirements of a gamer. Designed to use for many hours in a row, with a design that fits in every gamingstation.
Increase your perfomance
It is not just the hardware on your computer which determines how your over-all performance is. It is the whole setup, dont forget to upgrade your gaming station.
Value for money
We ensure our customers the best gaming chairs on the market, but the quality of the chairs is not the only thing important. The price needs to be fair.
All sizes
We produce chairs in all sizes, this means that whether you are a kid or a grown man, we got you covered.
Check out our suppliers, and find the best deal