Our Mission & Vision

The Vision of Nordic

Like any other company, our primary focus is our customers. The difference is just that we actually adapt our business and products to our customers’ feedback. We communicate with our customer for our own advantage. This means that all our products are made on the basis of our customers’ needs.

Two different brands?
Yes and no. Nordic consists of two different product lines, one that focuses on gaming and another that focuses on Activity watches. It may seem strange to focus on two such different categories, but there is actually a reason for this. Read about this below.

Nordic Gaming

As the name suggests, this is our gaming brand. Our primary focus is gaming equipment including gaming- chairs, desks and floor mats. Like all of our products, they are not only tested by our customers, but also made in such quality that is adapted for the purpose, this means that our chairs are made to use for hours and increase your gaming performance – This is what our customers demand.

Nordic Active

Nordic Active is our new brand. With Nordic Active we focus on the segment that loves physical activities. We have more than 25 years experience in the business of electronics. Which makes us comfortable in developing our own activity watch. Once again we took use of our customers and listened to all their needs, and thats how we developed Nordic Active S10+ – as of all our products, this watch is made for the users.


We always aim to produce products of the highest quality, but at the same time considering how the price should be.


We have just 16 different products with 4 different product lines. We focus on the few products. We have to ensure high quality.


We have all kinds of customers, our products are designed for the “everyday user” this is a broad segment –  thats the whole idea.


We always test our products to the limit to ensure the quality for our customers. We would never put a product on the market that we dont feel safe about.


We want to show in our designs that our DNA is Danish/Nordic, this means our designs are elegant and timeless. Made to fit in every home with a little touch.


One thing that all our products have in common, is that they help you increase your perfomance, whether it is gaming, running, swimming – Test your limits.


We always look for new ideas and new products to develop, we are not just developing new products to have a bigger portfolio, we only do this if our customers needs it.

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