Nordic Gaming Mini Elevate

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After the huge succes with our first gaming desk. We are now ready with “Elevate v2”. This is one of the first gaming desks with elevation in the world. This really brings an “edge” to your perfomance.

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Elevating Gaming table

Not you average gaming desk. Elevate is a high-end gaming table for enthusiasts and everyday gamers alike. Many gamers have their main focus on hardware, despite the gaming station probably having a larger impact on their overall gaming performance. This desk will for sure improve your over-all perfomance, with its ability to fit the exact needs of the user.


Our exclusive gaming desk is optimized as one of the few desks on the market for gaming. The whole of the tables surface is covered by a detachable mouse pad. Perfect for playing with a low sensivity where the mouse has to travel a lot. The electric elevation function ensures you can find the exact height that suits you the best. It is even possible to game while standing up. The built in memory function makes it easy to share with siblings or friends.


Premium gaming desk, with a great Danish design to meet all the requirements of a gamer. To the uncompromising gamer who wants the best of the best. Designed to be used for many (many!) hours in a row – so get to it! Good luck and have fun!

Nordic Gaming Mini Elevate


Adjustable height: 74-119 cm.

Single motor

110 x 60 cm. table top

Aluminium frame

Height memory function

Full surface mouse pad

Cable management

Carries up to 80 kg.

Color - black



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